A selection of unsolicited comments in e-mails received from clients during a decade as a professional genealogist

Let me begin by congratulating you on your ability to find some new line of research when it appears that we may have run out of leads. Great work! (FC, USA.)

What a hit!!! Thank you so much ... This is a triumph and I am most grateful to you for your tireless work [tracking down a distant living relative]. (AB, England.)

A HUGE thank you for all your work. I am delighted with the results of your very diligent, methodical and knowledgeable research, and very prompt report. It's much more than I could have hoped for, especially given what is undeniably a complicated story full of gaps and mysteries. (MR, Germany.)

I read a lot of genealogy reports, but this one was the tops ... ever. (AH, USA.)

We’re both delighted with your process, professionalism and efficiency to say nothing of the results you unearthed ... in a little over a week you have uncovered information I have been struggling to find for over three decades! (RM, Australia.)

I'm thrilled! -- forgive my unacademic enthusiasm, but the problem of [X's] descent has caused so much time and frustration hitherto that I never quite expected it to be solved. I'm immensely grateful. (KW, Scotland.)

I have tried to write this email in my mind for several hours since receiving your info ... I don’t know quite how to express my absolute gratitude to you and your researching skills. (DP, USA.)

I can't keep up with you! You are making astonishing progress ... Thank you again for doing such an excellent professional job, and for giving me so much pleasure. (NS, England.)